What is ISMKI ?

Indonesian Medical Student Executive Boards’ Association (Ikatan Senat Mahasiswa Kedokteran Indonesia or ISMKI) is the biggest medical students association in Indonesia. It was established in September 20th 1981 by Surat Keputusan Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi No.61/DIKTI/Kep/1989. ISMKI is actively participate in the dynamics of Indonesian medical education, defends and promotes any interests of Indonesian medical students for the sake of strengthening its quality. ISMKI is also played a role in defending the interests of society in order to actualize healthy Indonesian society. There are eight divisions in ISMKI, one of them is International Affair (IA). This division has focus on international relations and facilitate ISMKI delegations in exchange programs to international events.

What is the Unsoed Medicine Faculty ?

Jenderal Sudirman University, is located in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, Central Java. The university was established on September 23, 1963, based on the Republic of Indonesia's Presidential Decree No.195 / 1963 and Ministerial Decree No. 153/1963 Based on Permendikbud No. 21 of 2014, the Faculty of Medicine UNSOED is the seventh faculty of twelve faculties currently owned by UNSOED. The Faculty of Medicine has two majors, namely General Medicine and Dentistry. FK UNSOED also carries out two professional programs, namely the medical profession and the dental profession.

What is KBMK ?

KBMK Unsoed is an official student organization within the scope of the Unsoed Medical Department, which has been established since January 13, 2002. The form of the KBMK Unsoed organization is the Department of Student Association which consists of all Medical Department students at the Faculty of Medicine Unsoed. ) The existence of KBMK Unsoed was initiated by students of the class of 2001 which were driven by 3 (three) series of Dion Sulistyo, Garata Dwi, and Yohan Wenas. The history of KBMK Unsoed is inseparable from the history of Medicine Unsoed itself. Medicine Unsoed was established on September 25, 2001 based on the Letter of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education Number 3081 / D / T / 2001. There are several departments in KBMK, one of which is the Department of External Affairs, where the division focuses on building relationships and facilitating international activities, in this case one of them is IMMUN