CHAIRS OF IMMUN | Indonesian Medical Model University


Chair of OHCHR Council

Maria Vanesa is a sophomore student in President University majoring in International Relations concentrating on Diplomatic Studies. She is truly delighted to serve as the chair of OHCHR and she always believes Model UN is a platform of various opportunities, be it to pursue future career, to expand relations network or to simply gain experience. She appreciates delegates who are active in the council pertaining to their respective stance and particularly show interest in engaging in the debate, for both newcomer and established delegates. She wishes all delegates the best luck and she can’t wait to see you in Purwokerto!

Co-chair of OHCHR Council

Greetings distinguished delegates,
My name is Muhammad Brendon or Bre for short, i am a student of President University , Majoring in Communications and currently focusing on Journalism, This is going to be my seventh time participating in MUN related activities, and the first time acting as a chair, For me, MUN is a sport that forces you to grow and leave your comfort zone, so it doesn't matter how good your speech is or how detailed your position paper is, but it is about your willingness to try and fail along the way , so don't get discouraged if you don't get best delegate, with that in mind, i wish all the delegates the very best of luck and i cannot wait to meet you all.

Chair of WHO Council

Greetings Delegates.
name is Titisari Wardani and you can call me Tisa. I will be your Chair in this WHO council so I will be moderating the flow of the debate along with my fellow Co-Chair, Diaza. I am currently in my sixth semester majoring in medicine, Diponegoro University. My first MUN experience as a delegate was, interestingly, IMMUN 2017, so I’m very excited to meet you all in IMMUN 2019 WHO Council!

Co- Chair of WHO Council

Greetings Delegates.
My name is Diaza and I am a 2nd year medical student at Universitas Diponegoro. I initiated my MUN career in 2017 and this will be my first time being a part of the Board of Dais. In this year’s IMMUN conference, both Tisa and I will be the moderators of your discussions within the council of The World Health Organization (WHO). Here, I am hoping to see your endeavor to reach a peaceful consensus with other nations. Remember, forewarned is forearmed!